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Dr. Sonja Biggs, TVI/O&M

Welcome! Sonja Biggs Educational Services, Inc. provides quality direct and consultation services in working with children with visual impairments and children with visual impairments and other disabilities. We contract with school districts to provide TVI’s, Orientation & Mobility Specialists, Interveners, and Paraeducators who know braille. Sonja and her team will also give workshops, professional development, teacher training, and mentoring, as well as consult services for individual assessments. Our company provides adapted materials and technology rental to districts who need those services. Sonja has her certifications in both Washington and California in the United States.

Vision Services

Our company provides vision services including braille, assistive technology, independent living skills, consultation on curriculum, LP & braille production, and individual independent assessments. We also provide Interveners and VI Paraprofessionals.

Orientation & Mobility Services

We provide orientation & mobility services and consultation on creating environments and opportunities for independence and inclusion of blind students in every day activities, sports, and theater, as well as individual assessments.

Intervener Services

Our Interveners work with children who are both deaf and blind. Interveners are a bridge for the student from the sighted and hearing world to their world.

Brandon Keith Biggs in Beauty & the Beast

Blind & Visually Impaired students can be fully included in community and school theater programs. You can visit brandon at www.brandonkeithbiggs.com

Brandon Biggs 2010 Yes I Can Award Winner from Council for Exceptional Children

Brandon, born with Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), receives the 2010 Yes I Can Award from the Council for Exceptional Children in Nashville for his outstanding achievements as a blind actor in musical theatre.